Born: 19.10.2008
Pedigree number: VDH 08/1096332
Shoulder height: 70 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Color: redwheaten
X-Ray result: HD A1, ED/OCD free
Dilute-Status: DD (homozygous)
Teeth: Complete scissor bite
Full breeding approval in all parts of Category A.
(ZZP in DZRR at 05.06.2010)
Breeder: Tanja Reumann, Rellingen

Caito has an excellent social behavior, he is charming

to females and very tolerant of dogs.
He grew up with small children and is very lovely
in dealing with them. Caito is a dog, who likes to work
and who trains regularly on the agility course and in
Obedience. He has the BHV-dog license
passed with flying colors. His balanced, safe and
friendly nature make him an ideal
Family companion.